+91 94100 48440 info@shree-tours.com
+91 94100 48440 info@shree-tours.com

About Us

Shree Tours is a leading Indian tourism company and we’ve served over twenty thousand customers in the past, all of which have given us positive reviews. We believe in providing customer satisfactory services to everyone who wants to see the beauty of India.

Our aim

Shree Tours aims towards full satisfaction of customers and provides exceptional customer services. Our company is trusted by thousands of customers.

Brand Identity

We’ve won prestigious awards


Our team puts together carefully curated packages that serve all your needs, whether you want to go to Haridwar for some religious work or to Mumbai for some business related work, whether you want to travel in airplanes or buses.

Our team

Our team comprises of people who have great knowledge of Indian culture, we have a strong and trusting customer base plus we are dedicated towards providing travelling services for both business and leisure.

You can prepare your own travel itinerary or take advice from our experts in context of what you should do at your favorite holiday location. Our main aim is to ensure that you have a great journey, so all of our travel and transport partners are also very secure and comfortable to travel with, plus our team is here to help you whenever you get stuck in a problem so you do not need to worry about anything. Just relax and let us handle everything.

Our business plan

is to provide travelling experience to customers at reasonable rates and we dedicate most of our resources towards customer satisfaction.

Through our website you can narrow down where you want to go, how much do you want to spend there and how do you want to go there. Plus we have pre-made packages that include famous travel destinations. This makes it easy for you to choose between some of our pre-made packages or fine tune your own holiday package and enjoy your holidays.

Working Hours